Born from the marriage between chocolate and fruit.

Chocolate Fruit

Dried fruit in dark chocolate and white chocolate colored with fruit powder.

plein-fruit-fraise Strawberry
plein-fruit-cerise Cherry
plein-fruit-canneberge Cranberry
plein-fruit-myrtille Blueberry
plein-fruit-abricot Apricot
plein-fruit-citron Lemon
plein-fruit-orange Orange
plein-fruit-ananas Pineapple
plein-fruit-kiwi Kiwi

Chocolate Fruit

Dried fruit in dark, milk or white chocolate.

fruits-enrobes-raisin Grape
fruits-enrobes-coco Coconut
fruits-enrobes-coco-2 Coconut
fruits-enrobes-fraise Strawberry
fruits-enrobes-orange Orange
fruits-enrobes-cerise Cherry
fruits-enrobes-ananas Pineapple
fruits-enrobes-framboise Raspberry
fruits-enrobes-figue Fig